The latest, an in-depth interview with Kory French on BTR Today’s BookTalk, in which we discuss my career, books, and my latest novel:

I enjoy giving interviews. What author doesn’t love talking about his or her work with an interested person? It’s a great opportunity to see what one is actually thinking at any given time. I’m often as surprised by what I say as the interviewer is.

Here is another interview with author ANN CREEL for American Historical Novels:

And another:



With author JODY PRYOR

With a Bulgarian journalist for his blog LAND OF BOOKS

And with author Jody Prior, on her blog

An interview by me for The Paris review:

Max Frisch


The link below is to an interview I conducted with Max Frisch many years ago. There is a bit of a story here. I was a very young woman with a profound admiration for the Swiss author . It happened that I was going to be in Europe–on my honeymoon. Somehow I was able to land an interview with him during this time. So, abandoning my new husband in Paris, off I went to Zurich, where I spent an unforgettable, and unforgettably intense, three days interviewing one of my most revered authors. We spent many hours together. I came away with more than one hundred pages of transcript that took me several grueling weeks to edit down to a manageable size for publication. I also came away with an experience whose many lessons would last me a lifetime. Here it is, The Art of Fiction No 113, from The Paris Review,