Book Club Questions for The Midwife’s Revolt

readingroupHere I am, with one of my favorite reading groups, on the South Shore of Boston. They made a special 18th century meal in honour of Our Own Country! Below, a tray of syllabub–which my characters have enjoyed, but I never had until this evening.

I love book clubs. They give me an opportunity to interact with human beings, something I don’t do when I’m actually writing. I  would be happy to arrange one, either in person or via Skype. Contact me via my FB author page.


Book Club Questions for The Midwife’s Revolt

  1. What does TMR reveal about the lives of women during the American Revolution?2. According to TMR, what was the role of the midwife’s in America during the 18th century?

    3. Why were the people of Braintree slow to trust Lizzie?

    4. What do the Boylstons have against Lizzie?

    5. Lizzie is often wrong in her judgments. What is she ultimately wrong about, and how does her fallibility make you feel about her?

    6. What did you learn about John and Abigail Adams from their portraits in the novel?

    7. What values do these characters possess that get them through hard times?

    8. How does the subplot of Eliza and her child Johnny add to the novel?

    9. Do you think the author creates an authentic “voice” for Lizzie, or should the voice have been more modern? What would be the plusses and minuses of a less “period” voice for Lizzie?

    10. What do you takeaway from this novel in terms of its “message”?

    11. Did you find the ending satisfying? Why or why not?