Praise for A Transcontinental Affair

It’s tough for an author to admit that they’ve received one-star reviews. But, rather than keep this a secret, I’ve chosen to display a few of them. (They all read pretty much alike). Why? Because, in a word, I believe that others need to see the bigotry that exists in pockets of America today. I knew my new novel, about two young women who fall in love on the first transcontinental railroad excursion, would get some haters, especially because, as an Amazon First Reads choice for October, it would be available free to everyone on the planet. But, living in a progressive milieu, I had no real idea of the hostility out there. Not just hostility, but the sense of moral superiority. Some readers have even told me outright, “My moral standards are just too high to read your novel.” Since when is hate a moral standard? Not in my world. Want to help fight bigotry? Write and post an honest review of A Transcontinental Affair on Goodreads and Amazon!

Each one star review of this book only says, “But I didn’t know this was a story about homosexuals!” They don’t know how to read book descriptions. This is a beautiful story, and thank you, Amazon, for properly representing my story.